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483 Main Street

1st Floor Before Rehab
1st Floor After Rehab
3rd Floor Before Rehab
3rd Floor After Rehab
3rd Floor After Rehab
1928 versus 1949 Renovations

483 Main Street

483 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

  • Date Built: c.1880 to 1949
  • Total QREs: $1,178,000
  • Total HTCs: $589,000, Federal; $589,000 State.

Preservation Studios’ Role:

Preservation Studios completed the Part One, Two, and Three of the Historic Preservation Certification Applications.


483 Main Street originally dates the 19th century, but has been significantly altered and added to since its original construction. Originally, the building was two stories, but in 1928 it received an additional floor, a full reconfiguration of the interior, and a new façade. Another major alteration occurred in 1949 when two bays of the building were demolished for the expansion of an adjacent department store. The clay tile pyramidal roof was also removed in favor of a flat roof and the building largely maintains its 1949 appearance.

The primary façade is faced with rusticated buff colored stone and the first floor is defined by an angled and recessed commercial storefront that replaced the 1928 storefront during the 1949 renovations. A centered, large picture window defines the second floor while the third floor features two Florentine-arched windows with a stone balustrade in front, dating to the 1928 renovations.

The building was rehabilitated for office space on the first floor with two luxury apartments on the second and third floor. A rooftop patio was created as well, but is pulled back from the perimeter walls of the building so it is not visible from the ground. The building is a contributing structure in the local, tax certified, 500 Block Historic District.

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