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537 Main Street

Primary Facade Before Rehab
Primary Facade After Rehab
1st Floor Before Rehab
1st Floor After Rehab
2nd Floor Before Rehab
2nd Floor After Rehab
3rd Floor Before Rehab
3rd Floor After Rehab

537 Main Street

537 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

  • Date Built: c.1860
  • Total QREs: $467,000
  • Total HTCs: $233,500, Federal; $233,500 State.

Preservation Studios’ Role:

Preservation Studios completed the Part One, Two, and Three of the Historic Preservation Certification Applications.


537 Main Street was built c.1860 and had a variety of different uses over its life and its earliest known owner was Mrs. H. Colton in 1866. The building is a classic downtown mixed used property with a commercial storefront occupying the first floor and the upper floors being used historically as apartments. Prior to its rehabilitation, the building sat empty for many years after it was disused as a fast food restaurant. Sandra and Paul Wilkins transformed the three story brick Italianate into a French restaurant on the first floor and a residence on the upper two floors.

Historically, the second floor would have had matching archtop sashes to those of the third floor, but during the 1930s the windows were removed in favor of the present larger square windows with operable transoms. As part of the rehabilitation the 1930s windows were restored and the missing windows on the third floor were replicated in wood, returning the exterior appearance largely to how it appeared in the early 20th century. The building is a contributing structure in the local, tax certified, 500 Block Historic District.


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