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The Kamman Building

Restored Storefront
1st Floor Office
3rd Floor Apartment
Rebuilt Rear Porch

The Kamman Building

755 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY

  • Date Built: 1883
  • Total QREs: $1,648,000
  • Total HTCs: $824,000, Federal; $824,000 State.

Preservation Studios’ Role:

Preservation Studios completed an Amendment to the Part Two of the Historic Preservation Certification Application as well as the Part Three Application.


The Kamman Building is located in the historic Hydraulics neighborhood and is a classic example of a mixed used storefront building. Historically, the first floor was occupied by a variety of different tenants while the upper floors were used as apartments. It was built by the Kamman family who had a thriving slaughterhouse business and were known as master butchers in their day. Although they were not the original tenants of the first floor commercial space, they eventually moved their operations in and stayed in the building until 1916. The rehabilitation was a comprehensive undertaking of structural repairs, interior layout changes, and new systems. It now serves as multiple office tenants and apartments.

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