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The Newberry Building

1st Floor Before Rehab
1st Floor Addition Before Rehab
2nd Floor Office Hallway Before Rehab
3rd Floor Meeting Room Before Rehab

The Newberry Building

109-111 Main Street, Batavia, NY

  • Date Built: 1881-1948
  • Total QREs: $1,500,000
  • Total HTCs: $750,000, Federal; $750,000 State.

Preservation Studios’ Role:

Preservation Studios completed the Part One, Two, and Three of the Historic Preservation Certification Applications as well as the National Register nomination.


The Newberry Building was built in 1881 by C.H. Turner, a local undertaker and furniture builder. It was designed by local architect George J. King who had designed several other small commercial and residential buildings in Batavia. The building was purchased in 1929 by the J.J. Newberry building, and expanded in 1948. As a result, the building retains elements of each period, including the original 1881 exterior design of the upper floors; the reconfiguration of the staircase from a center entry to the corner, as well as the layout of the upper floors which date to 1929; and the layout of the storefronts and the additions, which date to the 1947-1948 modernization of the building, which included reconfiguration and expansion of the commercial space including the long rear addition.  The building represents several periods in commercial architecture, and is a highly intact example of an Italianate two-part commercial block with early-twentieth century modifications relating to its purchase by the J.J. Newberry in 1929, as well as mid-century modifications by the same company, which occupied it until the 1990s.

As part of the rehabilitation, the first floor will be utilized by a variety of different food and beverage tenants including a brewery. The upper floors will be utilized for new apartments that will incorporate the remaining historic features into the new layout and design.

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