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Turner Brothers Lofts

Turner Brothers Before Rehab
Turner Brothers After Rehab
The Original 1848 Building
1st Floor Before Rehab
1st Floor After Rehab
3rd Floor Before Rehab
3rd Floor After Rehab
3rd Floor After Rehab

Turner Brothers Lofts

295 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY

  • Date Built: 1848-1930
  • Total QREs: $10,011,653
  • Total HTCs: $5,005,826, Federal; $5,005,826 State.

Preservation Studios’ Role:

Preservation Studios completed the Part Two and Three Historic Preservation Certification Applications.


The Turner Brothers’ Building was utilized by a variety of different tenants since its initial construction and received multiple additions as uses changed and years went on. The original four-story masonry and timber building was built in 1848 for the Turner Brothers and remains largely intact. The next addition came in 1889 with a four-story brick building at the rear towards the center, followed by a four-story reinforced concrete building in 1920 and the six story concrete and hollow clay tile portion between 1923-24. In 1930 two floors of hollow clay tile construction were added to the 1889 portion completing the final form of the building as it currently appears. The storefront of the original 1848 building was removed in the early 20th century and had remained enclosed ever since. Originally, the storefront was a series of folding wood doors, some of which still remained and were used as a guide for an accurate replication.

The rehabilitation of the Turner Brothers’ Building took a vacant commercial structure and transformed it into a mixed-use building, just outside of downtown Buffalo. The majority of the building has been converted to apartments that respect and integrate the industrial character of the building into the design. A large portion of the first floor is now occupied by a pierogi company that produces and distributes along with a retail area open to the public. Unique design elements evoke the historic use of the building such as fireproof storage locker doors reused as the face of kitchen islands.

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