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Our services

At Preservation Studios, we offer a wide variety of services including historic tax credit services, historic resource surveying, historic districting, and more. We offer these to an assortment of clients including municipalities and state agencies, private developers and homeowners, as well as not-for-profits and community organizations throughout New York State and the Greater Northeast. What can we do for your historic preservation project?

Services Offered

    Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit applications:
    • “Part 1” of the Historic Preservation Certification Application (Evaluation of Historic Significance)
    • “Part 2” of the Historic Preservation Certification Application (Description of Rehabilitation Work)
    • “Part 3” of the Historic Preservation Certification Application (Description of Completed Work)

    Tax Credit Planning Services:

    • Including tax credit modeling, transaction structuring and project budgeting

    Project Management, including:

    • Coordination of design and construction professionals for historic projects
    • Liason to local, state, and federal preservation agencies and funding providers
    Section 14.09 and Section 106 Review:
    • In instances where public money is being spent on the modification, rehabilitation, or demolition of a historic or potential historic building we can assist with your needs as you seek a “No Adverse Impact” letter from the SHPO and/or NPS. Our services for Section 14.09 and Section 106 review strive to come up with amicable solutions for both the client and the SHPO/NPS when tax credits are not being used, but compliance with the Department of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation is required. Sometimes the modification or rehabilitation scope is just not suitable for the building in question, but our team helps to evaluate every possible scenario for a good outcome.

    National Register

    Nominations for Listing in the National Register of Historic Places for:
    • Individual Structures
    • Multiple Property Listings
    • Historic Districts
    Resource Surveys
    Historic Building Surveys:
    • Reconnaissance-level surveys
    • Intensive-level Surveys


    • AIA-Continuing Education courses relating to historic design standards
    • Commercial and Homeowner tax credit information sessions
    • Thematic presentations on historic preservation topics at conferences, seminars and symposia, as well as guest lecturers at local colleges and universities.

    Project Portfolio

    Visit our Project Portfolio page to learn more about the value that Preservation Studios adds to our client’s projects

    Types of Clients

    Preservation Studios offered consulting services to a wide-variety of clients, big and small, including:

    Private Developers
    Residential Homeowners
    Municipalities and State Agencies
    Religious and Not-for-Profit Institutions

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